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Escapada Living is a women's fashion designer in Charleston, South Carolina

It’s no coincidence that “escapada” means “escape” in Spanish. Our clothing brings the effortless happiness of the tropics into everyday life, and those island-inspired roots influence our every move. Balmy ocean breezes are reinterpreted as an airy maxi dress; sun-drenched palm fronds become a chic print; crystal-clear waters are translated into a polished pop of aqua. The brand offers an escape from the ordinary, evoking the comfort and color of the islands every time you slip on a sundress.

The easy, breezy feeling of vacation never goes out of style, and Escapada Living’s happy prints and iconic silhouettes celebrate that concept. Designed to fit real women of all ages, our resort wear is characterized by a unique combination of colorful confidence and classic charm - all in super-soft, machine-washable fabrics. The brand offers the look and feel of luxury at an attainable price, adding a little sunshine to the closets of women everywhere.

Escapada Living women's fashion design and resort wear brand in Charleston, SC

The best moments of a vacation are often unplanned, and the same holds true for Escapada Living’s story. Owner and founder Natalia Castillo grew up in Durham, N.C. and studied at Emory University, planning to attend medical school after college. However, as graduation neared, she realized that her true interests fell elsewhere. Instead, Natalia accepted a sales manager job with Macy’s department stores, where she quickly rose through the ranks to become a one of their West Coast buyers.

After a decade with Macy’s, Natalia’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to found, and later sell, two successful resort wear companies before moving to Charleston, S.C. and creating Escapada Living. In 2009, she launched the brand with one goal in mind: to inspire happiness through a timeless, global lifestyle brand. That mission resonated with women everywhere, and today our vibrant clothing is available online and in more than 1,000 boutiques, resorts, and specialty retailers around the world. This global appeal also led Escapada Living to be named one of Inc. Magazine’s 500/5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America for both 2014 and 2015. Throughout all that growth, we've stayed true to our southern roots and are still based in Charleston today.

This women's clothing brand is created in Charleston, SC and contributes to charities around the world.

Our mission to spread happiness doesn’t end with clothing. Escapada Living is committed to making the world a better place, supporting various charities both locally and abroad. In addition to that philanthropic involvement, we also founded the Escapada Living Children’s Fund in 2014. Our clothing is produced in Indonesia, and just beyond our factory’s door is a lively, welcoming community. Ever grateful for their acceptance and support, our fund provides care, school supplies, and new experiences for the children of two orphanages within the village. Our production manager is very much involved in the children's daily lives, taking them on fun excursions and constantly seeking out ways to improve their well-being. In turn, the children fuel our creative spirit with their excitement and wonder. Click here to learn more about our philanthropic involvement and here to learn more about our factory.

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