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Springtime Centerpieces

Spring is in full swing, which means its time to update your seasonal decor. Flowers are finally in full bloom, so pick your favorite arrangement and start on a new project! No need to run to the store, these centerpieces can be easily made at home!

Candy Filled Vase

We’ve got the perfect candy filled centerpiece just in time for Easter! Pick your favorite assortment of Easter jellybeans and layer them any way you’d like! Don’t worry there’s a trick to keeping those flowers vibrant for a long lasting centerpiece!  View the tutorial here!

candy vase

{Photo and Tutorial via Creative Juice}

{Lead Photo via Easter Images 2017}

Easter Egg Vase

Not sure how to display those beautifully dyed Easter eggs?  Give your vase a pop of springtime color by placing your dyed eggs around your flower arrangement.  Have your kids dye the eggs for a fun family craft!

easter egg vase

{Photo via Jenns Blah Blah Blog}

Pineapple Vase

Dreaming of a tropical escape? Take the tropics into your home with this pineapple vase!  Cut out the center of a pineapple and put your freshly picked flowers in the middle for an easy homemade vase! For the full tutorial visit Life on Virginia Street

pineapple vase

{Photo via My True Blu}

Wine Cork Vase

Use your collection of wine corks to make an eye catching centerpeice!  Fill up your favorite glass vase halfway with corks, place your flower arrangement, then strategically arrange the remaining corks around the outside of the vase.  This is a quick and easy way to recycle those corks and make your flowers pop!

wine cork vase

{Photo via Happy Wedd}

Baby’s Breath Centerpiece

This easy DIY project requires 5 items; glass cylinder vases, vase filler, submersible LED lights, baby’s breath and water! The floating LED lights are perfect for those who don’t want to worry about leaving candles unattended.  You can make this submerged centerpiece using any of your favorite flowers in bloom! For full instructions on how to make this DIY centerpiece, visit Afloral.

babys breath

{Photo via Moncheri Bridals}