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Hallo-week: Your Personal Guide to the Holy City’s Most Haunted Spots

Its that time of year again..Dust off your trusty flashlight and bring out the ghostbusters groupies, Hallo-week is hitting the Holy City!

For a city so steeped in history, it is no surprise that Charleston is home to some of the most haunted sites in America. What better way to spend your Halloween in the lowcountry than to check out these famously spooky spots.

To begin your Hallo-week, start off at The Old City Jail, the most famous and haunted spot in all of Charleston. Located in the heart of downtown, this prominent jail housed some of the city's most notorious convicts, civil war prisoners, and 19th century pirates. It also housed the first American female serial killer, Lavina Fisher, whose ghost is said to roam the halls wearing her infamous wedding dress.

Old City Jail

{Photo via BullDog Tours}

Our next favorite is the Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon. If the name alone doesn’t scare you off, then just wait until you learn the history of this ghoulish prison from the American Revolution. This prominent landmark was home to the martyr Isaac Hayne, the famous pirate Blackbeard, and some of the world's most notorious criminals. It is said to be one of the most high activity sites in the U.S, with numerous cases of paranormal activity spanning from swinging chains and orbs to “cold-spots.”

{Photo via Ghost City Tours}

If you‘ve worked up an appetite from this all of this ghost hunting but don’t want that adrenaline to end then check out Poogan's Porch, a delicious lowcountry meal paired with just the right amount of spooky feels. Poogans diner’s are said to see the ghost of Zoe St. Amand, a young girl who used to live in the home until her   death in 1954. Accompanied by her is Poogan, a dog whose presence is said to lay on the porch of the restaurant even after his death in 1979.

{Photo via Wendy, Third Age Traveler}

To round up your Hallo-week check out White Point Garden. This historic spot situated right along the Charleston Harbor casts views of Fort Sumter, home to the notorious first shots of the Civil War. Additionally, in the 18th century roughly 50 pirates were hung at White Point Garden in a public execution; it is said that their ghosts haunt this area in search for their executioners!

{Photo via Todd Atteberry}

It is no wonder that Charleston is known for the motto “where history lives.” History is alive and well in the Holy City and this Halloween make sure to check out all the lowcountry has to offer!

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