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DIY Christmas Decorations

Here are some of our favorite finds to add a sentimental touch to your Christmas with DIY decorations!

It's getting cooler in the Lowcountry and the city of Charleston is decking out in Christmas decor from King Street to Queen.

We know how expensive gifts for your loved ones can get, and why add to that cost when you can make your own decorations right at home! 


Petite Tree - One of the most simple yet special things you can do with a fallen tree branch.

Go to your yard and find a fallen branch, apply white spray paint (or any color you desire), place into a vase or small glass bottle, and hang some cute ornaments from it!

Petite Tree

                 {Photo via The Lovely Drawer}

Lantern Display

Find some old rusted lanterns and make them beautiful again by adding warm colored ornaments inside. Bonus: drape the lantern with lights to add an extra special holiday touch.

Lantern Display

                     {Photo via Dimples & Tangles}

Bow Tie Garland

All you need for this one is to go into your pantry and grab some bow tie pasta, string, glitter, and glue! (Process may get messy)

Bow Tie Pasta Garland

                 {Photo via The Gold Jelly Bean}


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