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8 DIY Terrariums To Inspire You

For those of us who were not gifted with a green thumb, we have the perfect DIY project to brighten up your office, kitchen, or home. Terrariums are the perfect low maintenance gardening project for anyone with a limited amount of gardening space. The terrarium’s ecosystem is self-sustaining, which makes it refreshingly easy to take care of and display year round. We’ve collected some of our favorite DIY terrariums to inspire your weekend gardening project!

1. Repurposed Candy Jar

Replace that stale candy with something that brings a pop of green to the room.   Candy jars provide the perfect environment for a closed terrarium and beautifully display your succulents.

terrarium old candy jar

{Photo via Brit + Co}

2. Boozariums

We’re always looking for ways to re-use our favorite liquor bottles.  This terrarium adds a pop of color and texture to your home without spending money or creating waste. It’s the perfect centerpiece to set on your bar or coffee table. 

liquor bottle repurposed terrarium

{Photo via SF Girl By Bay}

3. Repurposed Clock Terrarium

We all have an old clock that has been collecting dust on the wall.  Why not use its frame to bring some greenery into your home?  This wall-mounted terrarium is a great way to display succulents without using counter space!

clock terrarium

{Photo via Bolig Pluss}

4. Ink Swirled Terrarium

We love the idea of dying a basic glass in order to achieve an original look for your terrarium! This DIY project uses alcoholic ink to easily achieve a stained glass look!

stained glass terrarium

{Photo via Consumer Crafts}

5. Coastal Terrarium

Put your favorite seashells on display.  This terrarium is the perfect addition to any coastal home. Try planting succulents in a large shell filled with pebbles, then drop in a few of your favorite small shells and driftwood pieces.

shell terrarium

{Photo via Better Home & Garden}

6. Terrarium Lamp

Put those succulents in their best light!  Replace your table lamp with one that doubles as a terrarium display case to maximize space and brighten up the room.

lamp terrarium

{Photo via Cool Things}

7. Mason Jar Terrarium

Creating a terrarium may be the best way to upcycle your collection of mason jars.  This is a perfect last-minute gift or group craft!

mason jar terrarium

{Photo via Cambrian Co}

8. Light Bulb Terrariums

Use your old incandescent light bulbs to create a mini terrarium.  Hang them from a string, create a base, or use it as an ornament.  The succulents come alive when you add a pop of color to the base.  We love how Brit+ Co styled these bulbs!

repurposed light bulb terrarium

{Photo via Brit + Co}

Be sure to check out 46 Spruce’s guide on how to select the best succulents for your terrarium! Read it here.

Happy Gardening!