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12 of Our Favorite New Year’s Resolutions

Take the first step to creating a happy and healthier New Year by following some of our favorite New Year's resolutions.

Try doing one of these each month and see how you feel by the end of 2018...we promise it's worth it. All of these push you to do more of something and to positively boost your happiness and quality of life!

New Years resoutions

                                                    {Photo via Tiyi}

  1. Be more grateful
  2. Move more - Doesn’t matter what method you choose, get more out of your daily exercise!
  3. Read more
  4. Spend more time in nature - This will make you more creative, as well as boost your immune system.
  5. Become more confident
  6. Be more conscientious - More punctual, More organized, More thoughtful.
  7. Learn more skills
  8. Play more - Check out ways to have more fun as an adult here 
  9. Become more polite
  10. Get more quality sleep - You need this, trust us.
  11. Love more
  12. Hug more

From all of us at Escapada Living, we hope you have a safe and happy New Year's Eve. Cheers to a wonderful 2017 and even better 2018!