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A Traveler’s Way To Get Crafty

The days of albums abundant with travel photos and memorabilia are becoming obsolete. Now, these memories hide away on computers, phones, and social media. It's time to showcase memories made during your travels! There are so many ways to use keepsakes from trips to create a beautiful display for everyone to admire. Here are some original projects that showcase your vacation memories.

Create a Memory Box

Have a bunch of ticket stubs, shells, sand, and other random memorabilia?  Creating a shadow box is a great way to display these items in a clean and compact way.  Use letter stencils to create letters from your photos that spell out something memorable from the trip.  Pick only your favorite items in order to keep the box simple and clutter free. 

shadow box

{Photo and Step by Step Guide via Design Aglow}

Magnetic Map of The World

There’s never a bad time to start a new collection!  Collect magnets from your travels and pin them on a magnetic world map poster.  Showcase everywhere you’ve been by collecting something as simple as magnets that can be found at any destination.  Magnets are cheap, small and easy to bring back from any vacation!

magnetic map of world

{Photo via Pumpernickel Pixie}

Seashell and Sand Coasters

Pack your favorite collection of sand, seashells and sea glass into coasters that everyone will admire.  These resin coasters preserve your seashells and let them shine!

seashell coaster

{Photo and How-To-Guide via Running With Sisters}

Create a Travel Postcard Collage

Postcards are a fun, easy collection you can start at any point in your life.  Gather postcards across the globe from restaurants, museums, bars, natural wonders, beaches and your favorite cities.  When you collect enough, you can start artistically arranging your postcards and photos on a blank wall for everyone to enjoy! 

postcard collage

{Photo via George Gorrow}

Travel Memories Map

Plan on traveling to all fifty states? Showcase all the places you’ve been and keep track your progress with a photo memory map.  Get a large print of a U.S. map and cut out your photos in the shape of each state. 

travel memories map

{Photo via The Cottage Market}