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A Day in Charleston: Must See and More

While Charleston is too incredible to do all in one day- we can give you all the hot spots you need to see! Follow our step-by-step guide for what do during an afternoon in Charleston.

Start at The Battery.

The Battery lies at the very tip of the Charleston peninsula. This gorgeous walkway and historic site has incredible views of the ocean, Fort Sumter, and even the occasional dolphin! Take a walk around the park and pathway, then head north. Make your way up the Battery and onto East Bay Street to continue your day in Charleston.

What to Do During a Day in Charleston: Rainbow Row

{Charleston photo via Sweet Short & Stylish}

Rainbow Row is on the way

When most people think about what to do in Charleston, pictures of colorful, historic homes often come to mind. And you're in luck! As you make your way to Riley Waterfront Park, you’ll pass the famed Rainbow Row. Rainbow Row is the longest set of Georgian row houses in the United States. They get their name from their beautiful pastel colors. You'll venture a little north to take in all the sights, but get back on track!

What to Do During a Day in Charleston: Pineapple Fountain and the Battery

{Charleston photo via Sweet Short & Stylish}

Turn east at South Adgers Wharf

For a historic cobblestone street, look no further than South Adgers Wharf. Follow along the road or sidewalk (it's much easier). You’ll soon hit the Riley Waterfront Park. Take in the views of the ocean, the Ravenel Bridge, and the palm trees. Of course, no one could forget the pineapple fountain (it's perfect for pictures). Walk down the wharf, sit in a pier swing or jump around in the fountain. But remember- no lifeguards on duty!

What to Do During a Day in Charleston: The Market

{Charleston photo via Charleston City Market}

Take Vendue Range West

Now we’re back on East Bay Street. Head north, and soon you’ll hit Market Street. Although it's easy spend all day in this open air market, you have a whole city to explore during your day in Charleston! Enjoy the sights, smells, and sweetgrass baskets, but don't get too distracted... there is still more to do!

What to Do During a Day in Charleston: Broad Street

{Charleston photo via Holy City Sinner}

Go south at Church Street.

This street will take you into the French Quarter, an incredibly beautiful and historic part of Charleston. You’ll pass the Pirate's Courtyard, Dock Street Theater, and St. Philip's Church. Legend has it that the church's cemetery is haunted... so keep an eye out for ghosts!

What to Do During a Day in Charleston: King Street shopping

{Charleston photo via Em for Marvelous}

Turn west at Broad Street

This will take you to the Four Corners of Meeting St. and Broad Street. It’s another one of Charleston’s beautiful sites, definitely worth snapping a few pictures of. Continue West on Broad Street until you hit King Street – the gem of Charleston. From the shops and restaurants to the historic buildings, King Street is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Here for the Second Sunday of the month? King Street is closed down to traffic and only open to foot traffic!

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