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Our Summer Seventeen Bucket List

It's officially summer! Have any big plans? Here are a few of our own ideas off of our team's bucket list!

1. Brunch on a rooftop

Gather the girlfriends- we're going out! In Charleston, there are endless options for brunch and rooftop bars. Whether it's for the frose or the girl talk- take some time to sit down and really enjoy your day! 

2. Try a new cuisine- 

Don't knock it 'til you Thai it! That's our motto this summer. There are dozens of new restaurants opening around us, and we can't wait to try all the new yummy food! 

3. Go to the Farmers Market- 

Can anything beat a sunny Saturday morning at a Farmer's Market? Enjoy the fresh air, the locally sourced produce, and some incredibly delicious food. 

{Photo via Ahoy Charleston}

4. Travel somewhere new- 

Maybe it's a day trip, or maybe it's a week trip- we're looking to get away! Right now we have Savannah on our minds, but that won't be our only trip! 

{Photo via Morgan Corbett Blog}

5. Go to that coffee shop down the corner we always say we'll try-

We all have one. We pass it every single day, and we always say we'll try it. And now is the time! This could end up being our new hang out or our favorite brew. 

{Photo Via The Southern Style Guide}

6. Have Fresh Flowers- 

Flowers bring life to a room and a smile to our faces. While it's always nice to be given flowers, indulge in yourself and buy that bouquet!

7. Eat Better- 

This summer we're dedicated to eating better! We're not talking about a diet overhaul- just simple swaps that will make us feel better throughout the day. Eating better leaves us happier and with more energy!

8. Excercise More Often-

Going to the gym everyday? Not for all of us. But taking a walk, or hitting the pilates studio two to three times a week is making progress! Excercise leaves you with a clear mind, increased endorphins, and makes us feel awesome about ourselves! Need some motivation? Just think of how happy you'll be with yourself after your work out.