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Escapada Children’s Fund

Escapada is committed to making the world a better place, and our charitable involvement reaches around the globe. Because our production facilities are located in Indonesia, we feel a connection to that part of the world in particular. Read on to learn more about the Escapada Children's Fund and the children that it helps!

Led by our production manager, Escapada established the Escapada Children’s Fund in September 2014 with the goal of supporting the education and quality of life for students in Indonesia. The first recipients of the fund are Endah (14 years old) and Yasinta (3 years old), two young girls who recently lost their mothers and live near one of our factories. Neighborhoods in Indonesia tend to be very close-knit, with all members of the community looking out for each other, so the girls' situations strongly resonated with the Escapada team members who live there.  The Children's Fund now covers the costs of their schooling as well as shoes and other necessities.

{Yasinta, age 3 - also pictured in top center photo}

{Endah, age 14}

The Children’s Fund also recently began supporting a local orphanage, which is home to 12 more children. Andrew, our production manager, sees the impact of this fund every day and is extremely passionate about it. In his words, "What we can provide for these children... is beyond your imagination. For me, helping any human that really needs help is a wonderful thing." We are thrilled to be a part of Yasinta, Endah, and the other children's lives and cannot wait to see the amazing things they will go on to do!

{The orphanage before the Escapada Children's Fund began contributing to it... stay tuned for some "after" photos! Also pictured in the top left and right photos.}