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DIY Spray Paint Pineapple

We created these fun pineapple decorations for a recent blogger event, and we received so many questions about them that we just had to share a how-to! Find out how to spray paint a pineapple for a fun, tropical centerpiece here.

How to spray paint a pineapple - bar cart decorations

DIY spray painted pineapple decorations - White pineapple centerpiece


- Pineapple (Look for a green, unripe one so it lasts longer. It looks best if you can find a pineapple with crisp, unbent leaves.)

- Spray paint (We used white, but this craft would also be so cute with metallic gold paint!)

- Newspaper/ cardboard/ drop cloth/ garbage bag to protect the surface you paint on


1. Spread out your drop cloth wherever you're planning to paint. We suggest setting up outside on the grass - you can just cut the grass if any wayward spray paint makes its way off the drop cloth.

2. Remove any tags or broken leaves from the pineapple, and wipe it down with a paper towel to make sure it's all clean.

3. Time to start painting! Hold the spray paint can a few inches away from the pineapple and apply one coat of paint. Make sure to paint in between the leaves and crevices!

4. Let the pineapple dry outside for about 30 minutes. Then apply another layer of paint, making sure to cover any spots you might have missed last time.

5. Repeat as needed, including the bottom of the pineapple and undersides of the leaves. You're all done once the pineapple is fully covered and dry!


Check out more photos from our recent blogger event here, and click here for a yummy pineapple cocktail recipe. It pairs perfectly with your cute new pineapple decor!