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10 Good Deeds You Can Do This December

We are giving you our top 10 good deeds you can do in December. Get ready to start your healthy and happy New Year early!

December is a month of family, love, and reflection of the past year. It is the time to prepare for a fresh start and to begin motivating yourself to be the best you possible.

Charity Girl

                                                         {Photo via Cindy Young}

1. Donate to a charity in lieu of buying a gift.

2. If you do buy gifts on Amazon, use the Amazon Smile URL and a percentage of your purchase price will go to the charity of your choice at no extra cost to you.

3. Recycle your tree and buy it from a local farm.

4. Bring your elderly neighbor a home-cooked meal.

5. Shop at a locally owned business.

6. Babysit for other parents in your neighborhood.

7. Write Christmas cards for those in the military.

8. When you see people doing something right, tell them. It’s always a great time to give out compliments.

9. Participate in a holiday program to buy gifts for kids who might not otherwise get gifts.

10. Give someone a hug.

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